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Day Twenty-four: Another Late Start

January 24, 2012

Miles: 6.8

Total mileage: 150.6 (240.7 kilometers)

So one thing is clear, I am not as sick as my wife. I wouldn’t normally be so smug but someone told me this before I started “even if your muscles can take it, your immune system cant handle that much.” Here I am healthier than when I started, heavier than when I started, and happier. Stronger is an understatement, it’s stunning what you can do in a month after training moderately for at least a year. The Biggest Loser is a show that covers less than one year of time and the transformations that can occur are phenomenal. What I am doing is only a small part of that since I am only practicing one type of exercise rather than 8 hour workouts and also because I only recently got more serious about it.

If the changes you want to make are not drastic, or you are willing to wait for them, it doesn’t take 8 hour work outs to get there. You can find a way to get active for an hour a day, and if you make it really … really active, a lot can happen. There is no medication on earth that can do what The Biggest Loser can do for peoples health. Most of the people that go on that show can stop taking blood pressure medications before long. Those who maintain the workout regimen after they go home often find they have “normal” blood pressure.

I wonder what the Dr. Robert Huizenga (from the Biggest Loser) would say if he’d seen what I’ve done in the last 24 days. He would surely be able to tell me how much my calves have changed and how things like my VO2 max have changed. Normally he comes onto the show and tells the contestants that they are closer to death than they ought to be, and gives them a “real age” based on their health. I find it to be the most validating aspect of the show. Not just that people can change their shape, but their health and quality of life. Dr. “Death” (as he is known on the blogosphere) gets to come back and tell people that they don’t have diabetes or that they wont drop dead of a heart attack at any minute.

Today I had to focus on these kinds of things since the running was not easy. I ran to downtown Burbank, using bigger streets to give myself plenty of gas stations should I need a pit stop. It was rewarding, quiet and mostly a determined run. I know I am behind and I need to hold some ground if I am comfortable doing so. On the other hand, a full recovery is needed if I am going to get the mileage I need. So perhaps tomorrow is another day to take it easy. I have the slightest hint of cramping on the outside of my left calf. It is probably because I am behind on my hydration and electrolytes. Running might also have something to do with it.

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