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Day Twenty-three: Nipple Chafing

January 23, 2012

Miles: 2

Total mileage: 143.8

My wife is home sick today, I’m not feeling too much better. Not just because I ran a lot this weekend but also because I seem to be catching her cold. Normally we can fight these things off unless our immune system is very depleted or we are thoroughly exposed to the disease. While running I did wear strange jackets and soak myself in either sweat or rain, the result being slightly chafed nipples. It is a tiny scab on each one, now I understand why band aids are necessary for longer races. In my case, chest hair prevents friction by holding the shirt away from the nipple except for three cases: if it gets too wet, if the clothing is too tight, or if I am wearing a heavy item like a jacket.

Late in the evening I had to do some very long and very light stretching to prepare my legs. It is mostly the lower calf and my ankle stabilizers that hurt, but also my quads and hamstrings. The weekend has left me fairly exhausted so I took walk breaks and made sure my mile splits were over 10 minutes. This pace should help me to recover and not make me more sore than I already am if I don’t do excessive mileage. Though that theory is of little comfort while I run. I find that I buy too much food when the run is especially painful. As if I can just feed my tired muscles and they will magically feel better. Sadly this only works when you have failed to eat enough in the first place.

While driving around you tend not to notice the slight gradients of %1-%10. Here is a good trick, if you can see mountains from your house, try running in that direction for a few miles. Chances are good you are going slightly uphill. Obviously this doesn’t work in some areas but it certainly does in a lot of Los Angeles. I did a run just like that and its a nice warm up to go slow and slightly uphill for a mile. Running downhill means you are going slightly faster, which also comes with more stress on the joints and a wider range of motion. It may be counter-intuitive, but a slight uphill can be an ideal warm up run.

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