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Day Twenty-two: Rose Bowl Half Marathon

January 22, 2012
I soaked this whole thing in sweatI got the flag bearer to take my picture with his flag


Miles: 13.1

Total mileage: 141.8 (228 kilometers)

Jessica got sick after yesterday’s event, and needed to stay home and recover. Despite jumping in a warm shower after the event and sitting by a fire, we were both thoroughly chilled so it is no surprise she has cold symptoms. I felt pretty blah but I got up and suited up for my race. 70% trails and about 600 feet of elevation gain would make this my most challenging half-marathon, not to mention the 2000 feet of elevation I did only yesterday.

I carried the camera for the entire race, figuring that I would be running slow due to my Loudmouth suit. I failed to charge the battery so it only recorded the beginning of the race. However, I did get some cool footage so all was not lost. There were some other races, a 5k and a 10k that overlapped our course a little. It was fun to pass people who were struggling during some event and hear them laugh as they saw my ridiculous outfit. People need a boost, and when you are suffering you will take whatever boost you can get.

Among other things that I didn’t have was my GPS, so I didn’t know until mile 10 that I was running the fastest half-marathon of my life. I was feeling a little tired but I knew at that time I could maintain a pace of less than 10 minute miles, which was all I needed to finish in under 2 hours. I stopped the clock in the Rose Bowl Stadium to a cheering crowd at 1:57:17. I took dozens of pictures with people who had seen my suit out on the course. I felt like a total rock star, and I also realized today that I am well over 200 kilometers for January. Woo!

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