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Day Twenty: Easy Miles

January 20, 2012

Miles: 3.5

Total mileage: 123.5 (198.7 kilometers)

Today I took it easy. Knowing there will be difficult running tomorrow up Mount Woodson around Lake Poway and a half-marathon the next day. I did a new favorite loop of mine, 8 streets down and one block up makes a nice loop. According to Computer (my Garmin) it is 2 kilometers and I ran it about 2 and a half times. At the end of the run I grabbed a Monster and a Naked Juice, some of my favorite running food, and walked home. Since the incident about a week ago I haven’t had any digestive issues.

Not much to say about today, tomorrow should be interesting. I am stretching everything not knowing what they will make me do. I am almost certain that I can complete the event but Jessica still has some anxiety about that. I think it’s great, she is tackling many things that she didn’t know she could tackle. We should all be so lucky, that is what I am getting out of this whole month also. The sensation of being almost in over your head and yet having the power to pull through. It’s getting closer and closer to the 31st, I’m still behind on mileage but that is ok. If everything goes according to plan, the last week I should be able to run more than any other week.

Many people told me I would trash my body and legs by doing this. People think you need to rest in order to get stronger and they are right. They are wrong if they think that running everyday means no rest. There is lots of rest, I sleep, sit on my butt sometimes, and eat a lot. I have gained 8 pounds since mid December and I assure you it isn’t fat. My body is getting stronger, my times are getting faster, and (on a psychological level) I feel great!


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