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Day Nineteen: 5k in the Morning, 10k in the Evening

January 19, 2012

Miles: 9.3

Total Mileage: 128 (207.2 kilometers)

Today my wife and I planned to run after she got off work, but this morning I did a short run just to be extra warm for later. Every mile counts and I often find that two runs in a day is easier than one long run (but not always.) Two laps around “Joe’s Loop” (a favorite route of mine that takes me past our local Trader Joe’s) was perfect. I even dove straight into cleaning house when I got back.

After being a super-kitchen-cleaning-machine I paced my wife for a 10k. She wanted to see if she could do one in an hour, and that was almost exactly as fast as she could have gone. Our official Garmin GPS time was 1:00:25. An average speed of roughly 6.2 miles an hour, a very good benchmark workout for her. I can run it faster on a good day, but was especially happy to be able to do it after running 5k this morning. We didn’t plan a route ahead of time, just ran around near our place till Computer said we were done with our 10k.

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