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Day Eighteen: One Mile Tempo Run

January 18, 2012

Miles: 1

Total Mileage: 120.8 (194.4 kilometers)

After the running like a need crutches that I did yesterday, I wanted to focus on getting my legs back. I was significantly sore still when I got up. I saw two obvious choices, run as slow as yesterday but further, or run my “normal” pace for as long as I could (which promised to be not very far.) I decided it was better to get the legs moving fast and feel the road moving at my “normal” pace and put on more miles another day.

I’m trusting my body more and more. I have felt it recovering so many times lately that I no longer experience soreness with the same dread. A few months ago I had just completed my first half-marathon in 2:45 and now I can comfortably run it in under 2:10 even if I’m pretty sore. Soreness is not as debilitating as it once was. Perhaps it goes deeper than my own confidence, perhaps the experience is better because of some physiological change in my muscles, tendons or vascular system. Who knows but this month has turned up the dial on life for me and I like it.

I told Computer (the name I gave to my Garmin GPS) to take me for a simple, one mile tempo run. You do this by telling Computer how fast Data (the name I gave to Computer’s “virtual partner” function) will be running. Then Computer tells me how far ahead or behind I am of the virtual runner. As I choose a speed, Computer will show me how long my distance will take at that speed. This makes it very easy for me to train for my 2 hour half-marathon or 4 hour marathon pace. The run was painful but I ran at around an 8:30 pace. Let’s hope the miles come to me soon, I’m getting behind!

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