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Day Fifteen: Los Angeles 13.1

January 15, 2012

Miles: 13.1

Total Mileage: 111.8 (180 kilometers)

The herd of runners at the starting line fell silent for our national anthem… almost. One runner with her headphones in didn’t notice the sudden crowd noise had turned to a deafening silence. She spoke loudly to a stranger,

“Oh No! I’m not checking out your ass, I’m looking at your camera bag… What? Singing?”

It was hilariously awkward hearing everyone shush her. This is perhaps just one of many reasons you shouldn’t run with noise isolating headphones in. Hearing the world around you is a privilege.

I wasn't first, but who else had this much fun running 13.1 miles?

Finishing in style!


I got hoots and hollers all along the course, my clothing was loudmouth all the way. An inspired combination of their shagadelic ants and their orange dry weave polo. Literally more than once per mile someone yelled “nice pants” or “love the outfit!” What a great way to do a big race, steal other peoples fans and get them to cheer for you. Along the 13.1 miles of mostly shoreline I saw dolphins twice! Probably the same pod of dolphins but it was awesome nonetheless. There was one stretch where we ran through some kind of marina and there was water on BOTH sides of our path! So cool! These are the google satelite image that came from my Garmin GPS route.


Out on the course I told two guys I had just crossed 100 miles in I also told them I would be running every day to raise awareness for health and fitness. I am right on track for making one kilometer for every day of the year this month! I have high hopes for also running a marathon the last day and maybe even making as far as 400k in January. One step at a time, 366k was my goal. To dream bigger at just halfway might be a little premature.

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