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Day Twelve: Half a Twevle-a-thon

January 14, 2012

Miles: 6

Total Mileage: 90.2 (145 kilometers)

Today I went to bed at around 4 and got up before 6 am. I am a well known, self proclaimed insomniac at times. I think my body does really well with the occasional all-nighter. This morning however, I was feeling positively dead. My wife had a lot on her schedule, including a 12 mile run. She decided half of it would come in the morning and half in the evening (allowed in the official 12athon rules.)

We walked about two miles of it to ease my hungover body, but I finished it with her. The only other time in her schedule would come about 20 miles away from me so I was off the hook. She would soldier on to complete her 12 miles only four days after a 13.1 in Irvine. I’m very impressed and her recoveries are getting better and better. Good things to come from this running team!

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